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Citadel business center is a ten-storey building, located in the center of Yerevan, at the crossroad of Koryun and Teryan streets. The success of the Center is its modern design which combines comfort and successful organization of functional activities.


“Citadel” is a business center of modern engineering, furnished with other adjacent servicing equipment. The constructive and architectural solution of the building, the parking for 60 cars, 3 passenger elevators, the professional administration, the security and operation staff and also the high quality service allow the center tenants to focus on their main business activities.


The professional security service provides a 24-hour control of the building and its adjacent areas. The external areas, the perimeter and the parking area are under a 24-hour video surveillance by the security staff. The building is a private property and any interference by state institutions in the interior matters of the building has been minimized.


The building is provided with three separate power sources as well as its own power station with 2000KW capacity which guarantees uninterrupted electricity supply of the building. Modern exterior lighting highlights the unique architecture of the building.

External water supply pipes of two separate directions and a 15-ton water tank on the roof provide 24-hour uninterrupted water supply in the building.

Automatic fire alarm system allows “Citadel” business center to detect the fire location in any area of the building. All alarm signals are received by the fire station, which transmits the information to the control panel. It means that the service staff will immediately start fire extinguishing.  At the same time, sound and light fire alarms will alert about danger which will enable safe evacuation.

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